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  20 January 2021

Telepathy: How?

  20 January 2021

Telepathy: How?

“I just thought the same thing as you are”

“Did you read my mind, that was exactly what I thought”

“OMG, You called me while I’m thinking about you”

Have you ever got an experience like this? Maybe you just neglected them as random incidents. Or maybe thought deeply how it possible.  This is something related to mind reading power called ‘Telepathy’.

Just take a brief introduction before entering to the main topic. As everyone know, we can transmit data from one destination to another if we have two computer devices and internet.  Let’s replace those computer devices from two random persons and If they able to send data or information just through their minds, that transmitting platform called as telepathy.

Users of this power are often called telepaths and mind readers. They can receive or transmit thoughts or affect other person’s thoughts. According to parapsychology telepathy can divide into 3 main categories:

  • Communication: Able to exchange information between two minds.
  • Perception: Ability of receiving information about other’s thoughts knowing his actions.
  • Manipulation: Control or affect or influence the minds of others without physical effect.

Telepathy is a common gift that we all have unknowingly, and its abilities are much more natural than we think.

The most advanced telepaths are not only able to interact with the minds of others, but with himself/herself in various ways, awakening the hidden energies, improving their senses and consciousness.

Twin telepathy


There is a common incident that we hear of quite often is that twins who can communicate without speaking while they are living apart from each other with considerable distance.

There have been many scientific studies on twin telepathy, but most of the evidence are not able to prove the existence of a specific power.

Telepathy and dreams


Also, telepathy often happens when we are dreaming. while we are sleeping our brain waves are at a frequency that really allows for an intrusion of data to flow in. 

How to develop telepathic powers


Building up the ability to mind transmitting is similar to gaining a muscle growth. But there should be a proper guidance. To develop the telepathy powers, meditation is a good place to begin:

Having a solid meditation practice is one of the best ways to enter into the telepathic abilities. 

With a clear and fully focused mind, we able to connect with our own consciousness and the consciousness of others.

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