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  7 February 2021

Old People smell

  7 February 2021

Old People smell

Did you notice a kind of unique dull smell in your old grandparent’s house? Have you ever found the reason of that? 
It is a chemically distinct odor which common to all elderly people. Body odors evolved when chemicals produced from skin glands get broken down to small odorous molecules that release into the air. The specific chemical compound called 2-nonenal  gives old smell , which created by the oxidative breakdown of another complex compound overtime. According to researchers, this 2-Nonenal compound tends to increase with aging, and form more unpleasant greasy odor.

What is the reason that body odor to change as a person ages?

It’s a fact that related to physical attractiveness. Most of the animals including humans have the ability to identify older and younger individuals by smell. This is important to find suitable partners for the natural mating process. Simply it’s like a nonverbal advertising method for a mate to prove that “I am ready” or “I am out of process”.
How genius nature is?

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