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  29 May 2020

How to spot a psychopath

  29 May 2020

How to spot a psychopath

The complexity of psychological terms for psychopath make confusion same as the psychopath person.

Psychological Definition

Psychopathy is a condition of a patient who has a mental illness. But it’s not an “official” diagnosis. The correct psychiatric term of this condition is “Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD)”. Here in the definition “Antisocial” is not the real meaning that most people assuming. Term, Antisocial in ASPD defines, person who goes against society, rules, and other usual conditions. We think of psychopaths as killers, dirty beggars, alcoholics who lives outside of the normal society. But truth is you could have meet them in your college, office, or may be even at your home.
It is not easy to identify a psychopath as diagnose illnesses like organ disfunction. Because the person who needs help rarely seek treatments. And mostly, they didn’t believe there is a problem with their behavior.

Most Common Signs of Psychopath

  • Describe themselves as charming and perfect.
  • They do what they want, or when they want regardless of how it affects to others or whether it is illegal.
  • If something goes wrong or turns out bad, they always blame others.
  • Always gotten into troubles (fights, quarrels), very aggressive behaviour.
  • They think that nobody could ever take their position.
  • No empathy; i.e No guilty feelings, they don’t see the point in feeling sorry for other people and have no desire to help others.
  • Lack of emotions. Abusive behaviour.
  • No problem in lying to get what they want.
  • No worries or don’t care about past or future.
  • Shamelessness
  • They don’t see any point of taking responsibilities of any kind.

Diagnose and Treatments

Generally, more men than women have this condition and it is chronic. It can improve with age. Some people show early signs since age 11, But to have technical diagnose, person must be 18 years. To confirm the condition mental health professionals, conduct long term evaluation of person’s behavior, thoughts, and relationships with others. Then healthcare provides both necessary therapy and medication. And also help person to understand their condition and how it impacts their life.

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