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How can Pine trees survive in the winter?

The shape of pine trees increases the light used by the needle-shaped or scale-shaped leaves for photosynthesis. In snowy weather the triangle shape of conifers acts like the slope of a roof, allowing gravity to pull snow off the branches. Furthermore, the sugars in pine tree sap are concentrated in winter to further protect the living cells from damage.

  16 November 2022

Nuclear power plants: Is nuclear energy clean?

Is nuclear energy clean? It is simply a ‘yes’ but (there is always a but 😊) it depends on how the ‘clean energy’ is defined. Let’s dig in more on this topic in this magnificent article. Is nuclear energy clean energy, green energy or renewable energy? Here are the three common energy types related terms […]

  22 September 2022

What are NFTs and How to Create NFTs?

Governments and large corporations throughout the world are now accepting cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment method. As additional digital assets have been created, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen. NFTs are an example of such a digital asset. NFT sales totaled €12.1 million in the first six months of 2020. In the third quarter […]

  23 January 2022

V2X Communication: What is V2X?

These days, almost all the devices, even simple ones, are connected, allowing them to perform functions that would otherwise be impossible due to their small size. While automobiles have long been capable of receiving information such as radio signals and satellite navigation, few have been completely “connected” and capable of two-way communication. If you already […]

  12 January 2022

Days After Dinosaurs Age

Dinosaurs endured the worst day of their lives 66 million years ago. A 12 kilometer-wide (7.5 miles) asteroid collided with Earth near the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico. The hit generated an explosion several billion times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. On the American continent, the majority of animals are slaughtered right away. Tsunamis […]

  3 January 2022

Effective performance of Nanorobots in medicine

Nano Technology is well known to be a great innovation in the world. The nanorobots (simple mechanical robots in nanoscale) are originated with the advancement of Nanotechnology. Recently, nanobots are performing numerous critical functions in various fields including medicine. Their performances in miniature world are much powerful that, they are used to accomplish tasks which […]

  18 September 2021

Why Blockchains are Used for Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

Blockchains and bitcoins; these are two key topics you will not miss when it comes to investment and cryptocurrency discussions. And now more than ever, blockchains are dominating the world of cryptocurrency and defining the future of all finance teams. 1. Introduction 2. What are Cryptocurrencies Real-World Examples? 3. What are Blockchains? 4. How Do […]

  4 September 2021

How can fungi cause health problems?

Fungi cause human illnesses in three different ways: poisonings, parasitic infections, and allergic reactions. Some fungi produce toxic chemicals to protect themselves from parasites and predators. In small amounts, mold spores are harmless, but when they land on a damp spot somewhere in the house, they can start to grow and make house habitats.

  4 September 2021

Why hiccups occur?

Hiccups are unconscious contractions of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen which plays an important role in breathing. Those contractions are followed by a sudden shutting down of the vocal cords, which produces the characteristic “hic” sound.

  7 June 2021

Swelling: as a sign of injury

The enlargement of skin or muscles is visible as external swelling. It caused due to the increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the injured area. The release of chemicals and the compression of nerves in the area of injury cause pain.

  27 May 2021

Less oil, fast cooking; Air-Frying

Rapid air technology is the technique used in air fryers. Here rapid air means hot air which circulated in high degrees. If the principle of the mechanism explains, it has a heating coil mounted above the food basket accompanied by a fan – and time and temperature control units are combined with the sensors.

  24 April 2021

How a message is delivered? in simple terms.

Have you ever wondered how your messages are delivered to a specific person you want to reach? Let me explain with some technical detail and a simple example. Imagine Anne wants to meet with Marie, so she writes a message to Marie that says, ‘Hello, let’s meet on Sunday.’ How is this message delivered to Marie?

  23 March 2021